NRLT Easements – Heartbeet Lifesharing

Heartbeet Property

Heartbeet Lifesharing is one of 13 Lifesharing communities in America under the umbrella of the Camphill movement that nurture individuals with developmental disabilities. It occupies 150 acres of the former Town Farm near Hardwick’s northern border (off Route 14), and has conveyed to NRLT a conservation easement on half its area.

Seventy percent of the conserved land comprises managed forest, providing significant wildlife habitat. Over 3 acres constitute state-mapped riparian wetland, and the rest is hayfield or pasture that Heartbeet uses in its farming operation.

Heartbeet currently has three extended family homes that serve ten “Friends,” and plans to expand to six houses. Under Hardwick zoning regulations, the easement will enable Heartbeet to cluster its buildings, build a structure for community activities and protect its forest and farm land. Heartbeet will also have the ability to meet the needs of many new “Friends”.

Closing of the easement occurred at Heartbeet on December 8, 2011, under the direction of Hardwick attorney Kristina Michelsen. Apart from the NRLT board and several Heartbeet staff, the ceremony was attended by Heartbeet board chair Jed Williamson and Heartbeet forest consultant Ross Morgan.