NRLT Easements – Henry Coe

Henry Coe property (2 Easements)

In 1961, Henry Coe (shown below) purchased a piece of Albany woodland with insurance for the loss of his father, a submariner, in WW II. Moving to West Glover in 1968, he raised a 40-cow milking herd and served five years on Glover’s Planning Commission. Henry now resides in Danville. His three sons and six grandchildren all live in the area. “Walking in the Albany woodlot gives me a sense of peace, knowing that its streams, ravines, falls, and forested hillsides are conserved with the NRLT.”  

Henry has taken the lead in organizing the Friends of Lamphear Brook, and has interested other landowners in conserving their properties. He has also played a major part in cleaning up a sizable junkyard located next to the brook on Shuteville Road. The picture following Henry shows a beaver pond adjacent to his northern parcel.