NRLT Easements – Keeler Pond

Keeler Pond

NRLT acquired its sixth conservation easement in October 2012 by closing with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) on a property of 22 acres encompassing Keeler Pond in Wolcott. The 4-acre pond drains into Keeler Brook, which then drains successively into Tucker Brook, Alder Brook, Hardwick Lake and finally the Lamoille River. 

TNC acquired the parcel as “trade land,” meaning that the former owners donated it to TNC to resell and utilize the proceeds elsewhere after conserving the property with a land trust. In October TNC sold the parcel to David and Pamela Ely of Carlisle, Massachusetts, and together with the easement gave NRLT the $5,000 stewardship fee that land trusts need to monitor and defend easements in perpetuity.